300+ Most Popular Horse Names

It is better to know your horse before giving him a name. In this way, you will be able to choose the best name that will describe his personality. Color can play a big part in naming your horse as people notice this first then it’s personality. The breed can also be a part to choose a good name for your horse. Horse names are an inspiration for us, and keeping the name is also a catchy tag to call your horse.

Another important thing is how we can train our pony his name, here are some tricks you can remember your horse his name.

Build a value

You should build value for the name you want to give your pony. Like if your horse name is ”lucky”.Hold food in hand and call lucky to feed. That way he really understands, every time he will listen to this name, a value associated with this name. Now keep in mind every time we rewarding and luring ”Lucky’ he follows the food.

Use whistle

All you need to do is to sing some song or whistle, after he turns to head towards you, say his name in a clear voice. You should train your pony for a few minutes in a day because they will get distracted easily and do not call by nicknames if his name is ”Lucky” call him only lucky.

Horsing Around

Use a giant ball and call his name, through ball in one direction and point your horse towards this ball. Try this trick with other games. Dog balls are more attractive for dogs then tennis or basketball. Spend More Time with your dog to show him love in his name.

male horse names

Male Horse Names

A word we use for male horse names is a stallion. Stallion itself is a good name. There can be names associated with a stallion. The male horse needs a collection of tough and brave names.

Buraq Admiral Grandstone
Appolo Jetpack Ace
Abby Aiden President
Bolt Trigger Racer boy
Lucky Tank Texas
Aragon Aqua Apache
Apple Arrow Arthur
Archer Wilber Barley
Phoenix Atlas Dusty
Cowboy Big red Kentucky
Deputy Washington Franklin
Mortar forker Great buddy Flynn
Clydesdale Colonal Diesel
Priapism Wiber Diamond
Baloo Batman Coconut
Buckeye Braveheart Champion
Pecos Colty Bullet
Diablo Felix Frodo
Steeltoe Blazer Harley
Leonardo London Lahore
Gypsy Bulletproof Racer mania
Marley Pirate Ricko
Woodstock Connecticut Bronco
George Legend Buck
Toby Moon Don
Hustle bug Chester Arizona
Bucephalus Ballen Biscuit
Basil Alchemist Bentley
Asault Bullseye Burmese
Eclipse Gunner Ocean

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female horse names

Female Horse Names

”Mare” is a word we use for our female horse. Mare is a young horse.filly is a name used for female horses of 3 or 4 months of age. It is quite easy to give a name to your female horse. Proud owners of a foal put in extra thought if their new ‘mate’ is a female. For choosing a name, make a critical look at your filly and check if there is a special marking on her body. Special marks on the body make her different from the crowd.

Amber Beauty Bloom
Nightshade Mona Coco
Adriana Angie Galaxy
Cherry Daisy Natasha
Strawberry Dolly Edna
Marigold Skydancer Epona
Autumn Bertha Betty
Diana Flicka Gutter
Carolyn Brownie Brandy
Gypsy Dahlia Cinderella
Channel Cinamon Clara
Cookie Coraline Cricket
Clementine Wisteria Midsummer
Dakota Dana Diva
Bluebell Blackpearl Dancer
Plum Electra Eliza
Amber Pinna Sasha
Shella Cover girl Esther
Eudora Fortune Fannie
Foxy Gemma Frida
Gimma Gretchen Grace
Hadley Moonshine Garvite
Shiney Harper Gravity
Hollyhock Mustang sally Big Mama
Buttersotch Candy Cute bug
Ladybug Hershey Indigo
Ingrid Jasmine Jersey
Jane Jasmine Justice
Heather Jamaica Lollipop
Kennedy Nutmeg Peanut
famous horse names

Famous Horse Names

Some pet Names are as famous to use. Famous horse names are easy to call. These names can be remembered easily. Anyone who visits and sees your horse, a special name given by you will be singing for your horse and the guest will remember if it is easy to remember. Copper, Clover, and Stelly were the most famous names of 2019.

Kenya Kenya Cooper
Buddy Tucker Ailey
Molly Stelly Tucker
Maggie Clover Whalen
Rocky Sophie Charlie
Hank Sinbad Lucifer
Shadowfax Silver Ringo
Scout Tinkerbell Zorba
Clifford Nipper Snupy
Ghost Yeller Sandy
Pilot Snoopy Brinkley
Buster Chopper Gunpowder
Flame Angus Jet Pilot
Appolo Wildfire Captain
Kite Runner Einstien Duke
Hercules Hooch Nanook
Quark Slink Snowy
Stitch Yellow Zero
Roheryn Hidalgo Jack
Backup Astro Cinnamon
unique horse names

Unique Horse Names

Unusual or less common names are catchy tags. A unique horse name gives an elegant tone to call. Unique horse names also easy to remember for anyone. People get ideas from unique names and impress to see your pet names. Like if your horse name is Aphrodite, everyone will have a deep look to observe. These names are also very catchy and cool to call.

Sugar n’ Spice Lucky Chance Egg Plant
Rosie Jean Asper Cochise
Mister Ed American Pharoah Flying Ebony
Jackie boy Artemis Aphrodite
Buttermilk Hera Lysithea
Breeze Bee Bee Bender
Chica California Poppy Brigadier
Copper Glow Rockster Breaker
Domb boy Boby Estimate
Jassie Ryder Remington Jackson
Mona Bard Bender
Passport Bishop Da Vinci
Chapman Budweiser Ambara
Annabelle Booker Carson
Almondeye Sullivan Bodhi
Goldeneye Almond Heartlight
Pikachu Active Casino
Charcoal Chadwick Mozart
Chief Cupid Cloud
Cyrus Bryan Bambu
Clearwater Mangal Clover
Bret lee Asten Hunter
Watson Doodle Straw
Dakota Montana Goofy
Cheddar Daffodil Denver
funny horse names

Funny Horse Names

Sassy Names for your horse are actually fun. Fun also looks like a better hobby. Like playing with your horse and calling his funny name is also a good activity. Funny horse names are also entertaining for the horse. Assume Rambo as your horse name. Kip klop and Cupid are now trending names.

Beau-Dacious Archibald Meatball
Jimmy Dino Cupid
Hamlet Thumper Turbo
Nimbus Rambo Hector
Stan Bitty Fergus
Twinkie Buttercup Thunder
Tiger Lily Tippy Buggsy
Rooster Sparky Morter
Buckaroo Lostma Cowboy Kip Klop
Peaches Ducky Mushu
Waffle House Lumber Jack Bandito
Lollygagger Clark Kent Cookie Monster
Clark Griswold Doonesbury Copernicus
Hamlet Clodhopper Rainbow Unicorn
Doonesbury Hansel Jasper
Bartholomew Carrots Hobbit
Hobbit Gonzo Buckaroo
Farley Cubby Manny
Bustopher Jones Grizabella Homer
Goliath Jennyanydots Jemima
Marshmallow Pickle Pistol
Bustopher Jones Jellicle Mr. Mistoffelees
Victoria Jeans Skimbleshanks Bobby
Porkchop Slink Tom Servo
UnderHorse Yoda Weldo
cute horse names

Cute Horse Names

Ponny deserves cute names like butter, oreo, poppy, and fancy. Cute horse names give your horse a simple and cool look. There are many perks and cons of using cute horse names. A major perk is that it makes your horse cute in actual lool. The biggest cone is that you are missing a tough or bossy name.

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Black jack Nina Poppy
Butter Breeze Wildflower
Rusty Nail Genuine Gold rush
Toddy Sailor Squirt
Pale Ale Carbonate Mulligan
Oreo Professor Madame
Sushio Lunar Fancy
Amara Wlado Bloody Mary
Monnshine Jawa Homerr
Colonel Senator Cutthroat
Croaker Mooneye Daggertooth
Lemon Pluto Picasso
T bone Spud Pugsley
Seuss Noodlefish Ponyfish
Rabbitfish Snook Tapetail
Crown Royal Godfather Vimba
Wahoo Barcardi Jack
Alice Amelia Apricot
Avery Audrey BabushkaBear
Biscuit Buffy Bacon
Boonie Arianna Annie
Angel Butternut Buttercup
Chocolate Wrymouth Clover
Cupcake Danica Dolly
Dory Ghost Honey
coat color names

Coat Color Names

If you want to give your horse name according to his color, it will be more unique. Color name selection is easy. You can pick any color name by changing the original name into any language.”ROT” is a translation of red color in german. Cinzento is a translation of gray color in the Portuguese language. Donn is a translation of brown color in the Scottish language.

Brown Horse Names

Penny Loafer Brown Pit GizmoClay
Brandy Cinammon Ginger
Gracie Honey Bear Daisy Duke
Mocha Whiskey Nema
Expresso Marshmallow Peanut
Nugget Browntec Penny loafer
Pumpkin Buttercup Sundance
Leather Russet Brownie
Oatmeal Caramell Burnell
Dusty Cadoli Hickori

More Names for your brown horse

Black Horse Names

Black Pearl Chocolate Choco
Blackcloud Black berry Black beauty
Bandit Chocolate chip Blackie
Caviar Knight Dark Angel
Dawny Equinox Hades

400 Black Horse Names

Gray Horse Names

Badger Mercury Storm
Shadow Stone Mouse
Knight Pebbles Venom
Jupiter Eclipse Silver
Sterlling Aladdin Storm

Gray Horse Names Complete list

White Horse names

Cream Heaven Milky
Chantilly Brume Ice cube
Snowball Goofy Alfred
personality names

Personality Names

A horse owner knows best about his horse personality. Horse look and horse behavior both can be included in horse personality. It matters a lot either your horse is moody or cool. Some horse owners love to give tough names and some are looking for sassy or cute names. Some tricks of giving horse names mentioned above so you can pick best name according to personality.

Bossy or Swag Horse names

Archer Broxx Fender
Rowan Boomer Bugsy
Samson Buckeye Brigadier
Boss Brutus Andra
Brianne Damia Jenna
Kahlan Kitana Rogue

Silly Horse Names

Chewbacca 50 Scent Liberace
Cinder Alla Mini-Pearl Scary Pice
Ellen Degeneruff Jimmy chew Balki
Buster Indiana Bones Niki Jons
breed names

Breed Names

There are more than 50 horse breeds. All horse breeds are unique and elegant so names should follow them. It matters a lot how you give a name for the Arabian horse. There are some famous horse breeds like Arabian, Spanish, Indian Horse and they all need separate names.

Arabian Horse Names

Noor Badra Aragon
Arabian Mare Saqar Desert Rose
Nugget Diamond Lady Cat
Aurara Chukka Sohna
Xender Lemon Runner Arabian Bolt
Tricky Back Runner Hoofbeat
Mystic Zahaa Johara
Darcy Maha Reem
Cash Melody Nobe
Bustamove Yusha Rob

Spanish Horse Names

Poco de Suerte Benito Fiesta
Domingo Flor Farida
Fresca Inca Isabel
Mariposa Mariposa Paloma
Risa Sebastian Sonora

Native American Horse Names

Crazyjack Bluejerry Mink
Azeban Aiko Airborn
Nianthaw Sibu Amiral
Horse names

Horse Names with Meaning


The primary Greek sun


Greek sun god that pulls the sun across the sky in his chariot


Orangish moon of Jupiter


Goddess of the harvest, ie fields of gold


Flew too close to the sun


Egyptian sun god


Latin for gold, right there in the periodic table


king of the gods


God of the underworld, including precious metals


French for sun


Golden days


From Shakespeare’s The Tempest


Combo of red and yellow, also the name of a renaissance painter


Latin for golden


Crystal and village


Man of history


Helpful friend






Dressed in fur


For brown haired most beautiful horse


Ideal name for strong and powerful horses in greek mythology it is the name of God of thunder


If your horse is sweet to call him honey


Short and funny name ideal for small horses with short hairs


Translating words to other languages you can find good ideas for example Horse in Chinese


If he is calm and faithful, you can call him zero like the ghost pony from the nightmare before Christmas


The word means gold in Japanese , it can be a nice name, if your dog has light brown or golden hair


If your Horse is playful, this name is ideal for him whatever his size is.


He was the inseparable companion of Tintin, ideal if you have an adventurous and playful horse.


The word comes from the greek and used to define the whole universe, so if you love your Horse to infinity, this can be a good name.


If your Horse is black and white ball this name is perfect


Do you like photography ? do you spend hours taking a thousand photos of your Horse Kodiak is his name


Ideal for friendly and extroverted Horse, if your dog is a hurricane , it will be perfect for him


If your Horse is scary you can call him scooby in honor of great dane of scooby -doo series


If your Horse is boss at home then call him boss


Snowflake was the name of Heidi’s goat, use this if your horse has white hairs


If your horse is glutton you can call him brownie it is also great for chocolate brown horses.


If you are  music lover you can name his as a group or singer that you like such as bob Dylon


If your horse is one of those who do not stand for still second, always wanting to play with you call him twister


This is a Greek name that conventionally means “away from the
stars” or “deprived of the light of day.”


it is usually used when your horse is aggressive and can be offended some times.


Horsa is an old English word used for the horse itself.


Cinamon is the bark from a tree but it looks cool and gives sound like the moon at the end of his name.

Kit Kat

Kit kat is a simple name we use for our horse, it has no specific history behind it.


Raindrop looks catchy as always having or feeling raindrop on your body is looks natural.


Basil is type of herb, although it has no specific meanings behind it but basil looks good for your horse.


Bogart is a famous actor.


The bomber is an airplane that used in wars to dispense bombs.


Yes, that is the name we mostly used when we want to show the gambler look of our horse, It looks like having a swag or premium name.


Jay is used for jaybird, hence good for a horse too.


Lux is used as we shorten the word ”luxury’. Lux is also a famous soup brand.


Leo has brave look in it, some people say it is a short form of a lion.


Vesper is the name we use for a horse that it represents evening star

Horse Names A to Z

A to C

Name Meaning
Arkhip Master of Horses
Andre This one used for giant wrestler
Apex Used for top
Aherne lord of horses
Autumn Name of season
Aries Aries is used for star name
Avenger Famous from movie Avengers
Aladin A fiction story of wise boy
Arrow Enough to show swag boost
Apollo Used for destroyer
April Name of month
Annabelle If you have seen a movie
Baiardo Bay color
Boris Surname of people
Balius Name for immortal horses
Bayard Bright in color
Blossom Winter’s strike on flowers
Balboa Movie character
Basil Basil is a herb
Booker Used for the ticket holder
Bengal The country in Asia famous for tigers
Buddy Name for fellow
Biscuit Name for cookie
Breeze Cool morning air
Bubble Air pocket in liquid
Bee Name from pretty insect
Booster Name for a big horse
Champ short name for a champion
Celer Name of horse from Roman empire

Horse Names starting with A

D to F

Name Meaning
Dallas Dallas is a place name
Dale A part from the name of the driver
Dominator A horse that can dominate
Dolly Name from sheep
Dreamer Best name for a horse that loves to sleep
Dingo Name from a wild dog in Australia
Diamond precious stone
Diesel Diesel is fuel
Easter Sun arising way
Ebony Name for black
Eton Name for the horse as swift like an eagle
Edward This is the most famous movie character
Falcon Bird-like eagle eat rodents
Fender Famous guitar brand
Fifty Half from hundred
Faith Horse name that is faithful
Firefoot Name of horse from noval lord of rings
Fergus Powerful
Frank Famous movie character
Friday Name of Holy day from month
Frisky Cool and catchy name
Fireant Name of dangerous insect
Fletch Motion of feathers
Fiddle A character from villain family
Frog Bit funny but can be picked
Frontalleto little head

G to I

Name Meaning
Gambler Name for gambling professionalist
Grane Name from german for the gray horse
Galathe For gray color horse
Ginko Type of root
Gulltop Golden name
Ginger Type of vegetable
Gabe Name of character from tv show
Gucci Shoe brand name
Goppy Name for catchy horses
Goldie Extension of gold
Gizmo Electrical gadget
Hector Name for brown horses
Honey Famous product from honeybee
Hunter Which hunts pray
Hogan Famous wrestler
Hugo First name from the brand
Hankley A town in California
Indiana Extension an Asiatic region
Ipollit Horse freer
Ison Warrior
Ivory Famous hotel in Pakistan
Intello Short form of intelligent
Indigo Color name

J to N

Name Meaning
Jay For jaybird
Jack Famous movie character
Jumper Jumping horse
Justice Name for casual horse
Jasmine Beautiful flower name
Jet Jet is force unit to attack
Jumbo Large
Jinx Name used for cats but good for the horse
Jetta Name used for black gem
Kate First name of many human names
Kazoo Musical toy
Katy Used for cute names
Kite Kite is flying toy of paper
Kino A local Urdu word for orange
Kodak Name for the camera brand
kickapoo Catchy name for horse
Lampon Bright one
Lemon runner Ctacthy tag with citrus look
Leo Short name for lion
Levi Famous jeans brand
Lucky Nmae by luck
Magee Child of Aodh
Mac Short for Mic
Mango A fruit name
Miracle Sudden thing that bring beauty
Melvin Irish name meaning cheaf
Nike A shoe brand
Neptune A star
Nacho Type of food
Nonios Myth name of pluto

O to Q

Name Meaning
Oliver A little iron material
Olive Fruit name
Onion A vegetable name
Oscar An award for actors
Oslo A city name
Oncore Catchy tag name
Picasso A famous painter name
Panda Animal name
Pollo A horse game
Pony Name of horse kid
Phollos Name of cave
Pyrois Horses from sun
Pistol Hand gun
Pixel Little part of image
Pepper A vegetable
Quark Physics term
Queen Prime lady
Quest Random engish term

R to V

Name Meaning
Rascal Term used for trouble maker
Rag Discared cloth
Rider One who rides
Radar Term for selection point
Ring Term for metal design wear
Rmington A gun brand
Rowdy A mpovie character
Ranger A local army group
Sahara Desert name
Soldier Army individual
Spumador Legend horse belongs to Arthur
Samson like sun
Sophi Holy
Stormy A enviornmental threat
Sonata Song style
Shorty Extension of short
Saint Great for big stallion
Sally Catchy name
Shooter One who shoot
Shadow A layout of passing one
Sassy A catchy tag
Tod Stubborn pony name
Tonka Toy brand who sell trucks
Trout Type of fish
Tank A big utensil
Umber Urdu word for flower
Utah Indian city name
Vesper Evening star
Venus Star name

W to Z

Names Meanings
Willow For big mare
Wicket Entryway
Warrior One who can struggle
Woodsay Character of wood door
Wing A group of army
Wolf Brave animal
Wanderer One who explore things
Xavier Food brand
Xander Safe guard
Xing Star
Xanthos Name for yellow horse
YO YO A famous kid toy
Yakama Japenese name
Zed Alphabet zed
Zee Zee is famous short term
Zaidan A footballer
Zero Looks catchy name for number ”0”
Zodiac A star sign
Zipper Things that have zip
Ziggy Cartoon character
Zoom Clear image
Zara A clothing brand
Zebra Animal name
Zoro Famous for pull

Final words

Choosing Name for your horse is easy.Horses are most beautiful creature on earth.There are alot of factors associated with them.Giving name your horse shows that you have importance for your horse.Naming horse also makes him unique and elegant.These horse names are collected from different sources and views of horse owners. You can choose some names for your horse.We will like your contribution