149 Gray Horse Names

We consider gray color is coat color of horses that their hairs make a layer of a gray color. Usually, gray color horses have black skin. In most breeds, we have seen gray color horses that look casual and decent at first sight. Gray horses are mostly found in the Arabian breed but some gray horses can be seen in thoroughbred and other breeds. The most famous horse breed that has gray color horses is Lippizaner breed.

Dapple gray is a horse called dapper due to gray color and has gray color layers or lines. It is difficult to find some times good name or nickname for your gray horse but good research and deep observation can filter out a good name for our horse. Here we combined a list of gray horse names, I hope you will be able to find a catchy name for your gray horse.

gray horse

Gray Horse Names List

Foggy NotionGreystokeBlue wave
AmosSteely DanKnight
PegasusQuickSilverSmoke signal
White TornadoSilver BulletSmog Ring
SnowmanBridle veilCloud Burst
Grey ScaleThunderclapGun Smoke
gray horse names

Gray Horse Names with Meaning

Graphite (A stone of gray color is graphite)

Grau (German for gray color is Grau)

Abu-Abu (Gray color in the Indonesian language)

Dusty (From dust, the resemblance with gray color)

Silver (A color like gray color )

Rusty (Bit is not resembled still goof for gray horse)

Ash (Remainings after burning some material)

Smokey (From smoke color smokey)

Siva (Name for gray color in the Bosnian language)

Pele (For gray color in Latvian)

Grijs (For gray color in dutch language)

Final Words

Gray color Horse is not breed oriented so we can pick names on their random outlook. This list of gray color horse names is the best collection so it is easy for you to now pick the best name for your horse. You can drop your suggestions in comments so we can update the list.

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