107+ Chestnut Horse Names [Ultimate Ideas]

Looking for Chestnut Horse Names? Here is a complete list of attractive ideas. Chestnut is basically coat colour like reddish-brown. Absence of true black hairs forms chestnut colour. It is the most common colour in every breed. Chestnut comes in different shades like palominos or dark shade in black colour. They can have dark brown eyes and any coat colour resemble brown, red, or black.

Naming Chestnut horse is easy as compared to dun , bay or other rare coat color.If you have new horse , pony or waiting for new foal in your ranch, selection of name is first step.Chestnut name selection depends on mythodology , history and use of name in different languages.Here are some great ideas for chestnut horse.

Male Chestnut Horse Names

Male chestnut need tough names, Here are some male horse names for your chestnut friend.

  • Cera – Means red one and best for male horse
  • Elmo – Red monster from Sesame street
  • Golnar – From the Persian language. Golnar shows a red flower with a center of the flame. It is the badass name and if you are looking for a tough name, ”Golnar” is perfect. Golnar is a male horse name.
  • Mars – For red planet.Mars can be used for both mare and stallion.
  • Rua – Irish for red color
  • Eldur – Stand for ”Fire” Icelandic language
  • Dephne – Daphne is a genus with 70 to 80 shrubs with chestnut to red flowers. Mostly appear in Asia and Europe.
  • Meatball – Mutton or beef, looking for red ideas? Meat idea was taken from red or chestnut appearance.
  • Keegan – Keegan stands for ”Born of Fire”.It is the best to name for all kind of red or chestnut horse breeds. If your horse born in sunrise or sunset, pick this name.
  • Rowan – Looking for your foal? Rowan or mountain ashes are trees with fairy red or chestnut colour flowers. They are native to the cool temperate region. Rowan is the best to name for a stallion.
  • Vanhi – Stands for ”red” in Hindi language.It is bisexual name.
  • Angus – Word for famous Scottish cattle breed.
  • Laal – It is a catchy name on the list. Laal is a local word for red in Pakistan. Even in the country , natives used to call ”Laal Horse”
  • Redford – You can take inspiration from ”Robert Redford” a famous American actor. Redford is badass horse name for your four-legged friends.
  • Simba – Fictional character from ”The lion King”.
  • Redina – Extension of red but also a village near Romania.
  • Burgundy – A color between red and purple or you can refer chestnut.
  • Maroon – A color like red and chestnut
  • Rusty – May be extension of rust.A common rust color is light brown to red
female chestnut horse names

Female Chestnut Horse Names

Normally female horses need cute and cool names, here are some cool chestnut ideas for mares.

  • Mater – Character from Dinsey’s car or name for tomatoes.
  • Pyralis – Pyralis is the classy bisexual name. You can name your foal, mare or stallion with Pyralis.
  • Ariel – Fiction character from ”The little Mermaid” with red hairs.
  • Miss Frizzle – The Magic shool bus
  • Niran – It is basically Arabian name stands from fire.Best name for the Arabian horse, male, female or foal.
  • Princess Fiona – A fictional character from ”Shrek”.Fiona is a female character with beautiful red hairs.
  • Kalama – Name refers to ”fire torch”.Best name for a chestnut mare with a brighter appearance.
  • Annie – Orphan Annie
  • Fiamette – Fiery one in the Latin language, best if you have any Latin breed or even for fairy red or chestnut horses.
  • Alev – Turkish name for a female chestnut horse. Alev stands for ”flame” so best for the bright chestnut mare.
  • Dana Scully – Fictional character from fox science ”The X flies”.Dana Scully is a female character with red colour hairs.
  • Ember or Ambar – Ember is hot coal burning from the center.

Chestnut in other Languages

It is easy to pick chestnut name by looking in other languages like red in German , Japanese or chestnut in fellow countries.Here are some ideas.

  • Rot – Red in German
  • Kastanie – Chestnut in German
  • Aka – Red in Japanese
  • Kurumi – Chestnut in Japanese
  • Redeca – Red in Solvenian
  • Marron – Brown in Spanish
  • Roja – Red in Spannish
  • Castana – Chestnut in Spannish (Best for mare)
  • Rouge – Word for red in French language
  • Rosso – Red in Italian
  • Hong – Chinese for red
  • Dearg – Red in Irish Language

Chestnut Horse Names Inspired by flowers

Here are some ideas from flowers, shrubs and trees.

  • Marigold
  • Amaryllis
  • Annemone
  • Zinnia
  • Azalea
  • Begonia
  • Poppy
  • Rosy
  • Lillum
  • Hibiscus
  • Pensy
  • Piony
  • Pentas
  • Dahlia
  • Photinia
  • Tulip
  • Sweet Pea
  • Rosa
  • Camellia

Chestnut Horse Names from Nature

Nature brings perfect ideas.Look in your surroundings and find chestnut , brown or red color things and you will gather catchy ideas.

  • Spark – BEST name for male horse or stallion.A fire blow or swag name
  • Ruby – A red colored gem
  • Apple – From fruit colour. Apple is the perfect name for a stallion. If you want to name a cute idea, apple is perfect for your horse.
  • Beets – From sugar beet , a red colored vegetable
  • Cherry – A red color fruit
  • Garnet – A deep red colored gem
  • Blaze – A red colored flame and name for stallion
  • Brandy – Chestnut name and famous drink brand
  • Cinamon – A special color which is combination of red, chestnut and other color
  • Paprika – May be from pepper , a red colored name for mare
  • Radish – Extension of red and name is also common
  • Tomato – Tomato is red colour fruit or vegetable, if you love the fruity name for your horse, do not miss this name
  • Autumn – Full of red and orange leaves
  • Roana – Spanish for reddish brown skin
  • Gilroy – Gelic for red hair
  • Carnation – Special red colored flowers
  • Plum – A chestnut colored flower
  • Dart – A special kind of fire type frog
  • Seahorse – Brown to reddish color water animal
  • Capsicum – A special kind of vegetable that comes in fairy red color.
  • Nectarine – Similar to shaved peach, a peach without fizz. They can be red or yellow in colour.
  • Zircon – Special kind of mineral that comes in chestnut , red brown or any other color
  • Coral – Special kind of vertebrates that comes in different shapes and colours but most common is reddish-brown.
  • Salvia – Special kind of plant with mint appearance
  • Roan – Roan is a special kind of colour that comes in brownish to a red shade. It is basically a coat colour. It is a mixture of coloured and white hairs. You can pick straight ”Roan” as a name for your horse.
  • Grulla – Grulla breed also comes in the dun, bay or any other colour. Grulla is the best to name for your stallion.
male chestnut horse names

Naming your Chestnut Horse

Naming any colour horse is easy if you take ideas from the internet, surroundings or ask from fellows. Selection on the base of fellow breeds, famous places, or appearance can bring great ideas. Here are two tips that can help you.

Based on Breed

Some horse breeds have chestnut or red colour. There are a lot of Horse breeds that show red, brown or chestnut colour in their any stage of life. Here are some breeds of colors.

From Surroundings

Names from surroundings like make a list of chestnut colour things from nature. Try to pick names from this list. Names from flowers, famous places, famous personalities can bring catchy ideas.

Choose your favorite chestnut horse name and drop in comments.

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