171+ Brown Horse Names – Amazing ideas (2020)

Horses are mostly named by their quality of speed, gait or attitude, mostly also name their horses according to their colours. And naming a horse for their colour is also a very spiffing idea in its own way. A brown horse or an equine coated horse is very common in colour which makes it even harder to name a unique name for such a magnificent creature but at the same time, it is also easy because the brown shades in the horse have different varieties as well.

All you have to do is savvy your imagination and add a little creativeness. This article will help you in calming in your brainstorm a bit and find the perfect name that fits your horse personality.

Light Brown Horse Names

Hawk Cougar
Scooby Toffee
Clay Bister
Biscuit Yohi
Taz Teddy
Chocco Maroon
Cser Bullseye
Chestnut Banania
Miso Clove
Brioche Crostini
SandCastle Monkey
Spot Tosla
Teddy Tom
Penny Loafer Peach
Brown Beauty Brownie
Booster brown Pit
Gizmo Nuts
Clayton Mocha
Peanut Apricot
Honey Scooby
Automn Whiskey
Cold Goldy
Nust Nema
Hershey Expresso
Goal Tod brown
Brown bee Browntec
Brownoo Cinamon
Falcon Rusty
Penny Loafer De vogue
Almond Raisin
light brown horse names

Dark Brown Horse Names

Cidar Chesnut
Mudd Teak
Clove Copper
Russet Bombi
Moose Leather
Brew Beans
Arizona Almond
Graham Sundance
Tenner Braun
Java Mocha
Nestle Kitkat
Oatmeal Pepsi
RootBear Sadona
Walnut Yogi
Twix Bear
Bosco Burnell
Toast Tanny
Canoli Caramell
Cadoli Cola
Hickori Dusty

If your horse is a light brown its coat will resemble clay and you can name it; Clayton. Just like that a Carob is a tree that produces small brown beans like a pea but they are dark in color you can name your horse next to a tree; Carob.

If your horse has a little grey color touch in the leg area or the hair, there is a color named; Fuscous. This is a kind of color which is a mixture of brownish-grey color. And if the horse has dots or pigmentation of brown color you can name is Bister.

dark brown horse names

Brown Horse Name with Meaning

Name Meaning
Donut Ice cream bran with brownish chocolate
Leather Resemble brown, animal by-product
Brun The word for brown in the Swedish language
Chip Word derived from chocolate chip
Toast A kind of brownish bread is Toast
Nestle A famous children food brand
Cinnamon Good Name for reddish-brown Horse
Honey Product from the honeybee, best short name
Coffee Best Name for a dark brown horse

Naming Tips

Red Names

Bay Names

Dun Names

  • Other than English, you can also search for brown colour in other languages. Like, brown colour in the Hungarian language is called Cser which is pronounced as sair, this name sounds very classy in its own manner. Spanish is a very famous language which is spoken all around the world and it is very likely to English, brown colour in Spanish is called Bronceado. This name sounds a fancy name and it is very easy as well.
  • Another way of deciding your brown horse name is by just looking around or simply think of things you love and if they have any similarity to the colour in them. For example; there are many beer lovers all over the world and if you are one of them, then give a good look at the beer’s colour, it is brownish golden. No, don’t name your horse beer but you can name it Pilsner, it is the lightest brown coloured beer brewed. And if you are a tea lover name it Tazo, it is a famous brand of tea and it sounds like an artistry name too.  

Final Words

There are half of the breeds have a brownish colour horse. Brown horses are racehorse mostly. It is not easy to find the best name for your horse. Making different choices in the selection of names confuse us. This list is a collection of best names. You can pick your favourite from the list and drop in comments if you have a unique name in your mind.

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