97 Arabian Horse Names

Many breeders and owners of horses, especially Arabian horses’ owners desire to give a name to their horse and a name which should be an Arabic name.

This has been a kind of tradition of giving an Arabic name to a horse when it comes to naming an Arabian breed. Although it is never easy to give a name which will stay with it for life and it will be registered with the authorities and considering such responsibility, it is a tough task.

This is a kind of responsibility because the name of the horse also represents its personality just like humans.

Either it’s a cat or a dog or human baby, naming one has always been an arduous errand. Also, some people who own Arabians are not familiar with the language and they find it difficult to find out what people in Middle-East use the words for their pets or horses.

arabian horse names

Here some best Arabian names for your horse

Famous Arabian Horse Names

NinaAzieLady kate
EclipseArabian mareDesert Rose
best arabian horse names

Male Arabian Horse Names

DisnyDirt racerDark horse
Flying ChampStarlightXender
female arabian horse names

Female Arabian Horse Names

MelodyLemon runnerBack Runner
RidahFillahArabian bolt

Arabian Horse Names with Meanings

YasmineFrom flower jasmine
DarcyCheeky personality
MahaWild cow

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Then again not all Arabic names can be used for naming a horse. So, a little knowledge of the Arabic language is a must for people in the west.

Because what people mistook is that, they see the list of names online and pick anyone while in the Quran, there are 99 names of God and one might not know which one is it, so completely avoid doing that.

How to name your Arabian Horse

Understand Language

The Arabic language is full and rich in grammar. But you don’t need to convert into a Sibawayhi (an Arabic linguistics scholar) to pick a name for your horse.

All you have to do is understand that Arabic language grammar is based on gender. Which means the nouns in Arabic grammar is feminine and masculine. This also means that many different names can be a perfect fit for both fillies and colts.

Pick Name from Colour

There are other means of naming the Arabian breeds like; consider the colour of the coat of the horse. In the Arabic language, the colours are also pronounced and spelt differently.

There are other means of naming the Arabian breeds like; consider the colour of the coat of the horse. In the Arabic language, the colours are also pronounced and spelt differently.

The colour for masculine is easy to speak as compared to the colour for a feminine, especially for people who don’t know about this language.

Arabian Names from Translation

Not always the names of the horse colours match with the regular names of colours.

For example, a horse coated in Bay colour will be called Ahmar (for colt) and Tamara (for filly) but these colours mean red colour in general. A black-coated horse is called Adham (for colt) and dahmaa (for filly), whereas, Aswad is the name for black colour.

Although these names sound classic and cool, you cannot fully consider it done, since the colours of some horses change after some time.

Final Words

It is difficult to choose best name for your Arabian Horse but this above list can help you to find best name for your horse.You can drop your suggestions in comments so we can add some best ideas in our list.

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