Myhorsenames was founded back in 2018 by Waqar & Anfal. Myhorsenames provide horse names by colour, breed and other visual characters. We decided to make it because there were some sites about other pet names but one was covering horse names.

Idea of Creation

I was impressed with Kyle & Jessi Larson who started a site on Dog names. The horse was my favourite pet so I decided to make site for horse names. That was no easy task to make it, but I did with the help of my team members.


Waqar Zafar is an SEO expert and website designer. He coded this website and brought a simple but good looking view of the website. He is founder of more than 5 websites.

waqar zafar

Anfal Zafar is a content writer and blog, outreach expert. He is working on content writing and on-page optimization. Anfal is passionate about equine farming. Horse riding and management of horse shows are two favourite activities of Anfal.